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St Pauls HS Bulldogs BN earns 4th BDE Best of the Best in Air Rifle, Raiders, Drill

Bulldog Battalion Drill

Bulldog Battalion Drill
Photo Credit: Bulldog Battalion S5

  • Posted on May 12th, 2022
  • Story by: Bulldog Battalion S5
  • 4th Brigade
    Air Rifle

The Bulldog Battalion repeated the feat they accomplished in 2020. They earned Best of the Best (BoB) slots in Air Rifle, Raider, and Drill. Due to COVID 19, the Bulldogs were not able to compete at the BoB for Raiders and Drill in 2020. “We had something to prove,” said C/LTC Bryson Stewart. “In 2020, we made BoB and Nationals for Drill but was cut short because of COVID,” Stewart added. C/CPT Marcus Alexander said, “We worked really hard in 2020 to make the Raider BoB, so coming back and making it this year [2022] is a nice victory.” Both the Air Rifle Team and Drill team competed in the 4th BDE BoB and also the National competition in each discipline this year. The Bulldog Raider team competed in the 4th BDE BoB and finished 5th overall in the Co-ed division.

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Bulldog Battalion Air Rifle
Bulldog Battalion Raider