Army Regulations
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AR 145-2: Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps Program | Organization, Administration, Operation, and Support
APS 20-03 - Advanced Enlistment Grades ETP
APS 20-03 - Advanced Enlistment Grades ETP (25 March 2020) 
USACC: United States Army Cadet Command
Cadet Command Regulations: Cadet Command Policy Letters:
Army Directive 2014-23 (Conduct of Screening and Background Checks For Individuals Who Have Regular Contact With Children in Army Programs)

CCR 145-2 - Organization, Administration, Operations Training and Support

CCR 145-2 Chapter 11 - Uniform and Insignia

CCR 145-8-3 - JROTC Program for Accreditation (JPA) 29 SEP 2021

CCR 145-8 - ROTC Organizational Inspection Program

CCR 385-10 - Cadet Command Safety Program

CCR 670-1 - Uniform Wear and Appearance

CCR 672-5-1 - JROTC Decoration, Awards and Honors

CCR 145-3 - JROTC Precommissioning training and Leadership Development

Cadet Command IT Policy Letters:
USACC Regulation 25-1 - U.S. Army Cadet Command Information and Information Technology Equipment Handling

FKKY and USACC Policy Letter Listing

FKKY and USACC Policy Letters and Delegations of Authority

CG Policy 02 - Equal Opportunity Program

CG Policy 03 - Equal Opportunity Complaint Procedures

CG Policy 04 - Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP)

CG Policy 06 - Anti-Harassment

CG Policy 07 - Reasonable Accommodation

CG Policy 09 - Cadre-Student Relationships

CG Policy 11 - Restrictions on Solicitation, Establishment, and Use of Lab Fees by Military Science Depts U.S.ACC

CG Policy 12 - Filing of Confidential Financial Disclosure Reports (OGE Form 450)

CG Policy 14 - Fort Knox Bar Letters

CG Policy 15 - Fort Knox Cantigny Dining Facility (DFAC) Dress Code

CG Policy 16 - Fort Knox Local Commuting Area

CG Policy 19 - Information Technology Equipment Authorization

CG Policy 20 - U.S.ACC Policy for Cadre and University College Enforced OAths, Codes, Pledges, or Covenants

CG Policy 22 - U.S. Army Cadet Command (U.S.ACC) Privately Owned Weapons Guidance

CG Policy 23 - Proper Handling and Transporting of Weapons for ROTC On Campus

Delegation of Authority for Dir of Emergency Services

Delegation of Final Approving Authority for Line of Duty Investigations - AG U.S.A Garrison

DOA - To Certify Fund Availability for William May


USACC G3 20150225 Serious Incident Reports - Feb 15

Cadet Command Forms and References
CCF134-R - Cadet Training Certificate (.ppt)

CCF146-1-R - Clothing/OCIE Property Record

CCF194R - Inventory Control Listing

CCF211R - Report of Medical Examination for JROTC Instructors

CCF219R - Service Learning Credit

CCF36R - U.S. Army Enlisted Ranks/U.S. Army JROTC Enlisted Ranks

CCF37R - U.S. Army Officer Ranks/U.S. Army JROTC Officer Ranks

CCF385-1-R - Composite Risk Management Worksheet

JROTC Reporting Form (.doc)

JROTC Instructor Certification Directive Memorandum - (NDAADoD Written Guidance) (.pdf)

Request for Purchase (.doc)

Common Table of Allowances

CTA50-900 - Clothing and Individual Equipment (.pfd)

CTA50-909 - Field and Garrison Furnishings and Equipment (.pfd)

CTA50-970 - Expendable/Durable Items (.pfd)

Department of Defense files and forms