FY18 Lifecycle Equipment Replacement

The USACC leadership made the decision a FY18 Lifecycle Equipment Replacement contract will not be executed.

FY19 Lifecycle Equipment Replacement

USACC 2nd thru 8th Brigades coordinate with Brigade JROTC Instructors, DAIs, and JROTC staff personnel to identify individual JROTC unit IT and classroom equipment lifecycle requirements and submit those requirements to USACC, JROTC NLT 251700 OCT19. At a minimum, Brigades will contact the primary hand receipt holder at each JROTC unit to determine the lifecycle replacement requirements of each unit. Brigades will take care to identify and ensure school provided IT and classroom equipment is leveraged to the maximum extent possible.

FY19 Lifecycle OPORDS

FY17 Computer and Curriculum Manager Activation Instructions

Below are hyperlinks for the activation instructions for JROTC instructors and staff to activate Windows, Microsoft Office, and Curriculum Manager on the new FY17 lifecycle computers.


Basic Requirements:

  • Common Access Card (CAC) Reader – Built into computers
  • DoD CAC
  • Do not connect to any wired or wireless networks until all activation steps are complete per the step-by-step instructions.

If you have issues or require assistance activating your computer please call your Brigade S6. A roster with the Brigade S6 contact information is linked below.