Ordering Textbooks
Curriculum Items Available on Army Publication Directorate Portal

There are four curriculum items used with the CMv3 curriculum available at the Army Publication Directorate (APD) Order Portal. The four items are:

  • Cultural Studies: An Introduction to Global Awareness Instructor Manual (PIN 103096)
  • Cultural Studies: An Introduction to Global Awareness Student Text (PIN 103097)
  • JROTC Folders (PIN 104816)
  • Winning Colors® Behavioral Strength Sheets (PIN 106349). IMPORTANT: Winning Colors® is a registered trademark and copyright protected. Do not upload, post, or transfer Winning Colors® materials to any source available to the public; i.e. internet, other social media, or non-JROTC personnel. Additionally, if an Instructor prefers, they can order Winning Colors® at www.winningcolors.com for a fee; or send an email to winningcolors@shaw.ca.

Instructors who want to order the items above, must use their CAC to access APD's Order Portal at https://www.orderportal.army.mil and follow these steps:

  1. Enter your publication account number.
  2. Enter your password, which is the 5-digit zip code of your School Address.
  3. Click login.
  4. Review your school's mailing address. If address is correct, click "Confirm Address." If address is incorrect click "Update Address" and follow the instructions to update the address.
  5. On the menu bar, select "Catalog Browse."
  6. Scroll to and click "JRO."
  7. Scroll through pages to find the curriculum item you want to order.
  8. To the right of the curriculum item you want to order, click "Available."
  9. On the Order row, click "Re-supply."
  10. Enter the quantity you want to order.
  11. Click "Add to Cart."
  12. Repeat steps 7 through 11 for each curriculum item you want to order.
  13. On the menu bar, select "Shopping Cart."
  14. Review the accuracy of your order. Make changes as needed.
  15. Click "Submit Order."
  16. Your order has been submitted to APD. The curriculum items you ordered will normally arrive your school within 2 weeks.

National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) Material

NEFE Material is ordered through the NEFE website not from the publications warehouse. Each instructor should take a moment to register on the website gaining immediate access to all of the instructor materials and the ability to either order or download the Student Guides. Since 2012, the website has been the primary location for all instructor materials. Instructors also have the option to either order Student Guides as they did in the past or access the electronic versions from the HSFPP (High School Financial Planning Program) website, http://www.hsfpp.org/

The following documents contain detailed instructions on how to obtain and use the NEFE program. These same documents are also available on the website.

The instructors are encouraged to attend face-to-face trainings or participate in live webinars to learn more about the content and steps to start using the material. In-person trainings are listed on the State Info calendar (http://www.hsfpp.org/state-programs.aspx). They also offer a 45-minute webinar to guide instructors through 4 Quick Start Steps (http://www.hsfpp.org/resources/training.aspx). In addition, they are willing to arrange a series of customized face-to-face trainings and/or webinars for JROTC instructors if that is helpful. Also, there are some lessons on financial planning in the Curriculum Manager (CM), Unit 3, Chapter 11.