Education Technology

The purpose of the Curriculum Manager (CM) is to give instructors easier access to the Army JROTC and third party curriculum resources. The CM is a software application that organizes all of the Army JROTC Curriculum materials into a centralized repository. By integrating the Classroom Performance System (CPS) with the CM application, instructors are able to import Cadets from the JROTC Unit Management System (JUMS) database into the CM. All Core and Elective lessons are hosted in the CM application, allowing instructors to search and filter lessons by LET Level, Unit, and Credit.

SMARTCadet Portal:

SMARTCadet Portal is an online dashboard that augments the Curriculum Manager V3 (CMV3) application. Instructors can access from the portal the CMV3 software to download and install to their local computer. They can also create and assign Cadets their SMARTCadet Portal accounts so they can access their Unit/LET e-textbooks and Cadet Notebooks. Cadets can Upload their Cadet portfolio checklist items to support their evidence of learning.

Conover Online

Click this link to setup an account with Conover Online® Once your account has been setup you will receive an email from Conover Online® with instructions on how to get started.

Conover Online® is a web-based system that will allow your cadets to take the Personal Skills Map (PSM)™ and related skill enhancements online using any internet connected device such as a computer, smartphone, iPad™, tablet or Chromebook™. Previously, the PSM™ and related skill enhancements were only available through the Curriculum Manager (CM).

Here is a general overview video that will show you how to use your account.

IMPORTANT: The Conover® Company owns the copyright to the PSM™. The Conover® Company permits JROTC employees, instructors and Cadets to access the PSM™ via the Curriculum Manager and the Conover Online® website. JROTC employees, instructors and Cadets are NOT permitted to upload or post the PSM™ to any source available to the public; i.e. internet or other social media.