International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Youth Action Campaign

Sponsored by the American Red Cross


About the IHL Youth Action Campaign

The International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Youth Action Campaign is an American Red Cross sponsored program that encourages youth and young adults to learn about the rules of armed conflict and empowers them to explore IHL through peer-to-peer campaigns.

U.S. Army JROTC is partnering with the American Red Cross to raise awareness on this topic with your community. We are excited to announce that the theme of this year will be Education in War, a relevant and engaging topic given current world events. After the campaigns are complete, JROTC teams will compete to be selected to win awards and to attend the IHL Youth Action Campaign Summer Summit at American Red Cross National Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Informational & Registration

Competition Informational Video

Learn more about the Army JROTC International Humanitarian Law competition in this short video. It covers the basics of the competition, including its purpose, the value for cadets, and how the competition directly contributes to the JROTC program's overall mission.